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Kosciuszko / Jindabyne

The Kosciuszko area of the Australian Alps contains the highest peaks of mainland Australia* and is one of the better-known and most spectacular parts of the Australian Alps.
Encompassing much of the Kosciuszko National Park the region boasts well-developed attractions and features.
Entry to the Kosciuszko area, including the alpine area and most of the NSW ski fields, is via the Kosciuszko Road and Alpine Way from the east and the Alpine Way or Khancoban to Cabramurra Road from the west (summer only).
You can drive to Thredbo Village, Smiggin Holes, Perisher and Guthega year-round and extend this to Charlotte’s Pass in non-winter periods.
The Kosciuszko Alpine Way, with its numerous wayside stops, is the most popular route for those passing through the region.

* Australia has higher peaks but these are off-shore in its external territories of Heard Island and the Australian Antarctic Territory.

In addition to the experiences below, click here for more details of accommodation and other tourism opportunities in this area.

Great Walks
You can join the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT) at several locations within the area, as the AAWT passes through the centre of the area.
The AAWT can be easily be accessed at Dead Horse Gap, on the Kosciuszko Walk, at Guthega and Munyang Power Station.

The long-distance Australian Alps Walking Track stretches from Walhalla at the southern end of the Australian Alps and passes this area of the Australian Alps national parks on its way to the outskirts of Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory.

For those looking for transport and advice about joining the Australian Alps Walking Track in the Kosciuszko area, charter transport is available from Corryong or Khancoban.

Other great walks of the Kosciuszko region include:
Kosciuszko Walk (Thredbo to Mt Kosciuszko13 km return),
Main Range Walk (12.5 km one way), and walks up onto nearby ranges such as the Porcupine Walk and Summit Walk (9km one way) Other walks (Bob’s Ridge Walk, Thredbo River Track and Bullock Flat Track) will all help you appreciate the sub-alpine and riverine environments of this area.

Kosciuszko Main RangeMt Kosciuszko
The aura of Australia’s highest mainland peak, Mt Kosciuszko, is a major drawcard for visitors to the region.

Hiking to the top of Australia’s highest summit, Kosciuszko peak at 2228 metres, is one of the most inspiring single-day walks in the country. During summer, Kosciuszko peak can be reached from two starting points – the top of the chairlift at Thredbo or from the snow gums at Charlotte Pass. Both routes are equally scenic, traversing glacial lakes with breathtaking views of the valley and ranges that make up one of the world’s most dramatic ecosystems. Total climbing distance is over 600 metres and well within the ability of an average walker.

From the Snow Gums Boardwalk at Charlotte’s Pass, you will see many of Australia's highest peaks and superb views. The walk traverses sub-alpine woodland on the Guthrie Range. Signs identify the visible peaks. Mount Kosciuszko is visible from the first lookout.

A variety of licensed operators can help you explore the Kosciuszko region, be it through walking, mountain biking, rafting, fly-fishing and winter trips into the back country.

The Snowy River and Khancoban Visitor Centres are great places to collect further information on the area, and Thredbo resort and Jindabyne township provide great bases for exploring.

Cycling and Mountain Biking
The Kosciuszko area is rapidly becoming appreciated for the variety and extent of mountain biking and cycling opportunities.

There are numerous cycling routes within the Kosciuszko National Park. You can cycle on many of the park's trails and roads. However, cycling is not permitted on walking tracks (to protect the tracks and the walkers who use them).

Sealed roads such as the Alpine Way, Kosciuszko Road and Snowy Mountains Highway offer a very different experience to the narrow, unsealed Barry Way, which descends steeply into the valley of the Lower Snowy River.

Different again are the remote-country cycling experiences on hundreds of kilometres of management trails within the park, which are closed to public vehicles.

The Cascade Fire Trail, starting near Dead Horse Gap is a popular mountain bike route enabling riders to reach Cascade Hut (18 km return). Also popular is Summit Road along the old Kosciuszko Rd from Charlotte Pass to Rawson Pass (followed by a short walk up to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko) – 16 km return.

Extreme mountain bike riding, where cyclists descend very steep terrain, is popular at Thredbo where chairlifts provide ready access to rides down the northern slopes of the Thredbo River valley.

Camping is a great activity within the Kosciuszko region with many sites along the Kosciuszko Alpine Way, such as Geehi, Leatherbarrel Creek, Tom Groggin, Thredbo Diggings and Ngarigo. Closer to Mt Kosciuszko, camping is also permitted at Island Bend camping area.

A number of caravan parks and other accommodation in nearby towns are also available.

Winter snow
The Kosciuszko region has some of Australia’s best-known ski resorts with thousands flocking each winter to Thredbo, Perisher, and Charlotte Pass resorts